azon dtg tex matrix

Azon Matrix TEX

Azon Matrix TEX features large 600 mm x 800 mm format which is capable of printing on a wide range of garments such as T-shirts, jeans, apron, cloth panels and more. Specially designed for industrial production and large quantities. It delivers beautiful full-colour garment even twice as faster than before on a scalable printable field area. Multiple garment production prints highly durable and washable garment without colour fading.

The machine features single pass printing technology in CMYK and white colour with fantastic speed and resolution. The new improved LCD touch screen, larger 220 ml ink cartridges, and new sophisticated RIP are only some of the new features this machine offers.

Azon Matrix TEX is perfectly adaptive for large-scale facilities or even smaller printing applications. An advanced, fully automated system enables long – run production on a wide range of textile applications and finished garments. Faster production, more flexibility and high efficiency, you name it – Matrix TEX has it all!


azon matrix Linear Guideway

Linear Guideway

A linear guideway facilitates linear movement using ball bearings. Thanks to the use of ball bearings between the rail and the block, it is possible for a linear guideway to achieve extremely precise linear movement.

azon matrix Monoblock Design

Monoblock Design

The MATRIX series features a body with electric components built securely into the body of the machine. This unique monoblock design allows for simple installation and the flexibility for the system to be relocated to a multitude of locations.

azon matrix Ball Screw with Rotary Nut

Ball Screw with Rotary Nut

Precision ball screws feature high reliability and repeatability that increase performance and accuracy. Capable of Fast Feed, Smooth Motion, Low Noise Level Even In High-Speed Rotation and compact.

Printing MethodInk-jet[On-demand piezo]
Printing sizeTEX Matrix/Pro – Max 610 mm x 1200/1800 mm, max thickness 200 mm
TEX Matrix/Pro L – Max 1100 mm x 2500 mm, max thickness 200 mm
AZON ® InkAzon Textile inks – Azon Conti ink bulk system – cmykww (option 2x cmyk)
Print speed3 x (620 mm x 1800 mm) prints per hour

3 x (1120 x 2500 mm) prints per hour

ResolutionMaximum 1440 dpi
Material usedCotton, polyester, silk, jeans, lycra…
DimensionsUV Matrix/pro – 1800 mm x 1000 mm x 1500 m – 350kg
UV Matrix/pro L – 3500 mm x 1800 mm x 1200 mm – 710kg


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