Azon DTS Series 2

Azon DTS series 2 is direct to substrate inkjet printer. With this digital all-purpose flatbed printer you can produce beautiful full-color prints on any surface faster and cheaper than on any other printer, or with other technologies like thermal transfer or screen printing. It is very easy to use and has a high-profit return.

Azon DTS is an excellent solution for gift retailers, fast sign and copier shops, photo labs, museums, etc. The razor – sharp 1440 dpi resolution is supplied by closed ink system and it satisfies even the most demanding fields like photo and paintings reproduction and art giclee printing. Infra-red lamp expands the pores of the material surface and enables high quality dye-ink to be absorbed into its pores.

On that way the ink is in line with the printed surface giving it more natural look than ever before. With this method longevity and color intensity are dramatically increased. The machine features reproduction quality and wide color range with great speed and resolution. The razor-sharp 1440 dpi resolution is supplied by closed ink system.

Direct to substrate inkjet printer

Direct to substrate inkjet MAX HEIGHT 100 MM MORE ACCESSIBLE CONTROLS
Intuitive touch display controls Reproduction quality and colour
Printing Method Ink-jet (Micro Piezo Head)
Printing size Max 400 mm x 600 mm, max thickness 100 mm
AZON ® Ink 2 x C, M, Y, K / C, M, Y, K + LC, LM, LK, LLK / Azon DTS ink
Print speed 11 pages per hour ( Page size: 400 mm x 600 mm )
Resolution Max 1440 dpi
Heating IR Lamps, fan heaters, heating table (optional)
Material used Glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics, leather…
Dimensions 830mm x 960mm x 460-580mm; 108kg


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