Azon MATRIX UV is covering a wide variety of business printing applications. With long-lasting, highly energy-efficient UV LED lamp curing system instantly and efficiently adheres ink to any kind of substrates. Its robust bed, smart vacuum table, Full-featured Azon RIP software and UV TurboJet ink technology ensure a perfect result on each and every print.

Always striving to meet versatile requests of our customers, Azon MATRIX comes with 500 ml bulk-ink system. Azon’s unique automated ink recirculation system circulates the white ink in the machine on every start up and shut down of the machine to prevent the settling of pigments in the lines and provides more consistent white layer. Ink tanks can be refilled from ink bottles, ink waste is minimized and you can print continuously without interruptions.

Full-featured Azon RIP software is offering different features, tools and add-ons like printing up to 5 layers in inline mode depending on resolution, fading and changing the number of used nozzles, creating emboss or raised print up to

2mm allowing customers to print any ADA- compliant and Braille script standard requested.

Industrial UV flatbed LED printers

Azon matrix uv linear g

Linear Guideway

A linear guideway facilitates linear movement using ball bearings. Thanks to the use of ball bearings between the rail and the block, it is possible for a linear guideway to achieve extremely precise linear movement.

Azon matrix uv monoblock design

Monoblock Design

The MATRIX series features a body with electric components built securely into the body of the machine. This unique monoblock design allows for simple installation and the flexibility for the system to be relocated to a multitude of locations.

Azon matrix uv ball screw with rotary nut

Ball Screw with Rotary Nut

Precision ball screws feature high reliability and repeatability that increase performance and accuracy. Capable of Fast Feed, Smooth Motion, Low Noise Level Even In High-Speed Rotation and compact.

Printing MethodInk-jet[On-demand piezo]
Printing sizeMATRIX UV: Max 610 mm x 1200/1800 mm, max thickness 200 mm

MATRIX UV PRO L: Max 1100 mm x 2500 mm, max thickness 200 mm

AZON ® InkC, M, Y, K + 2W + 2G / Azon TURBO JET inks / 500 ml bottles
Print speed2 x (620 mm x 1800 mm) prints per hour

2 x (1120 x 2500 mm) prints per hour

ResolutionMax 2880 dpi
Material usedGlass, metal, stone, wood, plastics…
Dimensions1350 mm x 1900/2500 mm x 1200-1400 mm, Weight 400 kg
1850 mm x 3300 mm x 1200-1400 mm , Weight 700 kg


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