Azon Matrix Cubejet

Azon Matrix Cubejet

Matrix Cubejet UV-LED inkjet printing solution prints directly on any flat or round object up to 42 cm in height and 33 cm diameter and comes. with optional bed sizes of 590 mm x 1200/1800 mm, 1100 mm x 1200/2500 mm.

After that, Azon Matrix Cubejet series extends productivity and creativity by printing directly onto any type of material such as ACM, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, PVC, ceramic, wood, stone, glass.. and additionally covering ADA and Braille 3D printing and print on cylindrical objects.

It is capable of handling heavy materials for outdoor and industrial applications. Like printed boxes, furniture, barrels, trash cans, flower vases and other With a diversified approach for future market demands in the packaging industry, design and home décor and other industries Azon Matrix Cubjet also support all solutions for sign makers, printing houses, commercial customers, gift stores and other.

Full-featured Azon RIP software and flex, Phthalate free ink with EN 71-3 certificate ensures quality print and safe use on various applications coming from children furniture and toy industry and in overall. The lowest running ink cost per  1m2. The versatility of white ink as a base for high-density CMYK layer delivers unusual and creative textures on all materials.

Industrial UV-LED printing up to 42 cm

azon matrix linear guideway

Linear Guideway

A linear guideway facilitates linear movement using ball bearings. Thanks to the use of ball bearings between the rail and the block, it is possible for a linear guideway to achieve extremely precise linear movement.

azon matrix monoblock design

Monoblock Design

The MATRIX series features a body with electric components built securely into the body of the machine. This unique monoblock design allows for simple installation and the flexibility for the system to be relocated to a multitude of locations.

azon matrix ball screw with rotary nut

Ball Screw with Rotary Nut

Precision ball screws feature high reliability and repeatability that increase performance and accuracy. Capable of Fast Feed, Smooth Motion, Low Noise Level Even In High-Speed Rotation and compact.

Printing MethodInk-jet[On-demand piezo]
Printing size590 mm x 1200 mm / 590 mm x 1800 mm / 1100 mm x 1200 mm / 1100 mm x 2500 mm
AZON ® InkAZON UV TurboJet, certified EN 71-3, Phthalate free, CPSIA compliant
Print speed3,20 SqM/Hr 34.44SqFt/Hr / 3,66 SqM/Hr 39.39SqFt/Hr
ResolutionMax 2880 dpi
Material usedGlass, metal, stone, wood, plastics…
Dimensions1330  x  2300  x  1150 mm / 1330  x  2900  x  1150 mm / 1850  x  2300  x  1150 mm / 1850  x  3600   x  1150 mm


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